On going research studies

On Going Research Studies:

  • Non- strabismic binocular vision dysfunctions in emmetropia & myopia, associated symptoms and management plan among young adult age group (18-25y) in a tertiary eye care center.
  • Pattern and Presentation of corneal curvature, axial length, central corneal thickness and management of pathological myopia among 18-50 years ages in tertiary eye care centre
  • Prospective observational study on comparison of functional vision and quality of life between diabetic and non- diabetic patients.
  • Assessment of tear film stability in young adult, comparison of invasive and non-invasive tear film break up time measurement techniques among contact lens user and chronic anti-glaucoma and anti allergic drug users.
  • Pattern and presentation of color vision deficiency in ocular and systemic diseases (>25 years).
  • Pattern of accommodative anomalies and management in children (12-16 years)
  • Optometric Referral rates for low vision rehabilitation services
  • Pattern of presentation, visual status and optical management of exotropia with hyperopia among pediatric age group
  • Pattern of heterophoria and its association with fusional vergence ranges and refractive errors (6-15 years).
  • Deviation improvement in IXT patients by minus lens therapy
  • Effects of near electronic gadget on vision of pediatric age group (7-16 years) and a constructive discussion on prescribed management outcome.
  • Pattern of presentation, non-surgical outcome of esotropia among pediatric age group (3-16 years).
  • Pattern of presentation, refractive error, management among pre-school (3-5 years) children and associated factors related to it.
  • Prospective observational study on visual outcome after cataract surgery in patients with traumatic cataract.
  • Pattern of low vision management of macular diseases in a tertiary eye care center.
  • Headache associated with refractive error in school going children.
  • Patient compliance during contact lens wear: A study to assess the perceptions, awareness and behavior for a healthy vision
  • Pattern, presentation, effect of vision and associated factors of astigmatic refractive errors among the teenagers
  • Axial length, corneal curvature and central corneal thickness in high myopia and high hypermetropia in adults (20-30 years).
  • Effect of contact lens in anisometropic patients.
  • Demographic and clinical profile of cataract patient
  • Visual outcome of refractive amblyopia after optical correction & amblyopia therapy
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