Bachelor of Science in Optometry

Bachelor of Science in Optometry (B.Optom)


Optometry is an eye care profession which is dedicated to the improvement and preservation
of eye sight. It covers the assessment of vision and incredibly diverse range of activities. Optometrists are primary eye care providers and possess and excellent understanding of the visual system, the problems that can occur and how to manage these problems. As such, the modern practice of optometry encompasses the assessment of the human eye and visual system, as well as the management of patients with conditions of the eye and visual system. This four – year full – time undergraduate programme provides avenues for students to have proper training in managing various eye conditions. Major emphasis is placed on understanding and managing clinical conditions related to the eye in a practical setting and courses are in – depth, challenging and designed to significantly advance optometric clinical skills in all fields of vision care. The institution is housed at Chittagong Eye Infirmary and Training Complex campus because of the availability on necessary infrastructure and logistic services and supports particularly the clinical facilities. A separate Governing Body headed by Vice chancellor, Chittagong Medical University is at the helm. The institute is headed by a full time Director, native and foreign trained optometrists who looks, after the day to day academic and clinical activities. There are full time and part – time faculties. The Institute (ICO) has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) where the graduate
optometrist can have their postgraduate degrees. Along with regular faculty members, the foreign faculties and part time faculty members covers substantial numbers of lectures. Bachelor of Science in Optometry (B. Optom) honours course started its journey from 2010 under University of Chittagong with 4 years duration. Already 92 students from 1st batch
(2014), 2nd Batch (2015) , 3rd Batch ( 2016 ) , 4th Batch ( 2017 ) , 5th Batch ( 2018 ), 6th Batch (2019 ), 7 th Batch (2020) & 8 th Batch of B. Optom students has been completed their course successfully . Now, institute is conducting Bachelor of Science in Optometry course under Chittagong Medical University from 9th Batch in the year 2017.

Programme Goal:

  • To develop competent, compassionate and community oriented optometrist who is capable of
  • Providing eye and vision care
  • Identify ocular and related systemic illness
  • Refer the ocular emergencies and surgical cases
  • Buildup career on research / study on clinical and community optometry

Career opportunities:

  •  Successful independent optometry practitioner.
  •  The opportunity to be self – employed, either as a partner or a solo practitioner.
  •  Industry (including industrial safety programs. insurance companies and ophthalmic
    product manufacturers).
  • Work at health care institutions such as hospitals, Community health center, eye clinic
  •  Military and Public Health Service (PHS).
  • Vision research, teaching and administration and working for the various Medical
  • Academic Institutions ( including teaching and research )
  • Work in ophthalmic product industries, social welfare organizations.
  • Retail Optical Stores
  • Private Practice (starting a new practice, acquiring an existing practice or joining an
    established group practice, including multidisciplinary medical practices).
  • Specialty Vision Care ( specialized optometry in private , clinical or group practices in
    areas such as primary care optometry , family practice . infant / toddler / child care , elder
    care , low vision , sports vision , contact lenses , vision therapy or vision in the workplace ) .
  • Hospitals and Health Maintenance Organizations ( HMOs )
  •  Consulting (including working for academic, industrial or governmental institution.

1. Session 2009-2010 (1st Batch) –  12 Students

2. Session 2010-2011 (2nd Batch) – 15 Students

3. Session 2011-2012 (3rd Batch) – 15 Student

4. Session 2012-2013 (4th Batch) – 18 Students

5. Session 2013-2014 (5th Batch) – 13 Students

6. Session 2014-2015 (6th Batch) – 12 Students

7. Session 2015-2016 (7th Batch) – 21 Students

8. Session 2016-2017 (8th Batch) – 25 Students

Now, Institute is conducting Bachelor of Science in Optometry Course under Chittagong Medical University from the 9th Batch in the year 2018.

9.  Session 2017-2018 (9th Batch)   – 14 Students

10. Session 2018-2019 (10th Batch) – 29 Students

11. Session 2019-2020 (11th Batch) – 30 Students

12. Session 2020-2021 (12th Batch) – 25  Students


Admission 2009-2010 to 2019-2020 Session

  • Session 2020-2021 Students
  • Session 2019-2020 Students
  • Session 2018-2019 Students
  • Session 2017-2018 Students
  • Session 2016-2017 Students
  • Session 2015-2016 Students
  • Session 2014-2015 Students
  • Session 2013-2014 Students
  • Session 2012-2013 Students
  • Session 2011-2012 Students
  • Session 2010-2011 Students
  • Session 2009-2010 Students
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