The Institute of Community Ophthalmology (ICO), academic wing of Chittagong Eye Infirmary and Training Complex (CEITC) was established under University of Chittagong in 1991. It was awarded affiliation with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in 2011. ICO conducts a 2 years course leading to Diploma in Community Ophthalmology (DCO) under the BSMMU and a 4 years degree, Bachelor of Science in Optometry (B. Optom) under University of Chittagong.

Now, Institute is conducting Bachelor of Science in Optometry Course under Chittagong Medical University from 9th batch in the year 2017.

CEITC facilitates ICO to provide adequate quality eye care training for both the Doctors and Optometrists. From this point of view a research centre has been established named “Dr. Ahmadur Rahman Research Centre” with modern research facilities.

Very recently, this organization obtained affiliation/accreditation to start M S (Ophthalmology) course under BSMMU, Dhaka from next session.

Name of courses offered:

  1. Diploma in community ophthalmology (DCO) under BSMMU
  2. M S (Ophthalmology) under BSMMU
  3. Bachelor of Science in Optometry (4 years honors course) under Chittagong Medical University
  4. International council of ophthalmology (ICO) examination center
  5. FCPS fellowship program

1.Diploma in community ophthalmology (DCO):

Institute conducts Diploma course in Community Ophthalmology under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka. The Diploma in Community Ophthalmology is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).

Report on the number of students enrolled for the session July, 2017 and July, 2018 is as follows:

DCO Course: (2016-2017)

 Seven doctors have been enrolled in the session July, 2017 and they are continuing their course.

DCO Course (2017-2018):

Four (04) doctors enrolled in the session July, 2018.

 2. M S (Ophthalmology) :

Institute will conduct M S (Ophthalmology) course under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka from next session.

3.Bachelor of Science in Optometry (B.Optom):

Under the University of Chittagong, Bachelor of Science in Optometry Course has been running since 2010. Already 51 students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th batches have completed their course and came out successful. Report on the number of students enrolled in nine consecutive batches is as follows:

  1. Session 2009-2010 (1st Batch) –  12 Students
  2. Session 2010-2011 (2nd Batch) – 15 Students
  3. Session 2011-2012 (3rd Batch) – 15 Student
  4. Session 2012-2013 (4th Batch) – 18 Students
  5. Session 2013-2014 (5th Batch) – 13 Students
  6. Session 2014-2015 (6th Batch) – 12 Students
  7. Session 2015-2016 (7th Batch) – 21 Students
  8. Session 2016-2017 (8th Batch) – 25 Students

Now, Institute is conducting Bachelor of Science in Optometry Course under Chittagong Medical University from the 9th Batch in the year 2017.

      9. Session 2017-2018 (9th Batch) – 14 Students

About Optometry

Optometry is an eye care profession which is dedicated to the improvement and preservation of eye sight. It covers the assessment of vision and incredibly diverse range of activities.

Optometrists are primary eye care providers and possess and excellent understanding of the visual system, the problems that can occur and how to manage these problems. As such, the modern practice of optometry encompasses the assessment of the human eye and visual system, as well as the management of patients with conditions of the eye and visual system.

4. International Council of Ophthalmology, U.K. Assessment:

There are only 130 test centers in 80 countries for conducting International Council of Ophthalmology, U. K. examination. Of them, one is in Dhaka and the other in CEITC. The 18th International assessment for Ophthalmologist was held on 18th April, 2018. In the assessment of ‘Basic Science Assessment in Ophthalmology’ thirteen candidates appeared, in the assessment of “Theoretical Optics and Refraction” thirteen candidates appeared and in the “Clinical Science in Ophthalmology” seven candidates appeared.

Community Services:

        1. Integrated primary eye care service:

Primary Eye Care Center, Katachara, Mirsarai (from January to December, 2017)

Primary Eye Care Service -9156 number of patients examined

Under-5 Clinic- 7163 number of patients examined

Immunization service- 309 number of children immunized

Immunization service-236 number of women immunized

Service on Planned Parenthood provided to -1548

In 2 programs, 100 village doctors trained on primary eye care

In 2 programs, 201 school teachers trained on primary eye care

        2.Vision center:

  • Feni vision Center: It is newly launched its activities from 5.02.2018. Therefore, from this vision center 315 number of patients examined.
  • Keranihat vision center: From this vision center 12236 number of patients examined.

          3. School eye health program:

 In every year, ICO conducts School Eye Health Program (SEHP) in different area around the country through the financial support of Govt. of Bangladesh. In the year 2017-2018, ICO was conducted School Eye Health Program (SEHP) for 20 schools. Therefore, 6,110 number of patients examined by conducting SEHP in different schools. List of schools and details of service delivered enclosed herewith.

Community based outreach program:

  • Cataract screening
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Diabetic retinopathy

Dr. Ahmadur Rahman Research Centre

Dr. Ahmadur Rahman Research Centre has been established under the direct supervision of CEITC and ICO for standard research activities. It may be mentioned that the ophthalmologists and other professionals have published 144 scientific research papers in national and international journals, since the establishment of the centre. The centre stimulates interest of research among the Doctors. Every year Institute of Community Ophthalmology publishes its Scientific Journal “Ophthalmic Horizon” through the Research Centre. The latest edition was published in the month of September, 2017. In this scientific journal the major articles are contributed by the Ophthalmologists, social scientists, optometrists and other enthusiastic researchers.

CEITC and ICO Journal:

During the mentioned period a significant number of research studies have been conducted at the “Dr. Ahmadur Rahman Research Centre”. The following articles and case reports were published in the 12th issue of the journal of ICO and CEITC “Ophthalmic Horizon” (ISSN 2075-8138), 2017.

Original Articles:

  1. Eye Health Condition and Other Associated Factors among Autistic Children in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Prof. Dr. A.H.G. Quddus, Ph.D, MPH, Prof. Dr. Munirujzaman Osmani, MSc, DCO, Dr. Rajib Husain, MD,DCO,Rahnoma Tarannom, B.Optom; Ruma Akter

  1. Visual Outcome and Binocular Function After Cataract Surgeries in Children

Dr. Md. Nasimul Gani Chowdhury, FCPS, DCO; Sheikh Tamima Hasan, B. Optom

  1. Review of Orbital Exenteration at A Tertiary Eye Care Centre in Bangladesh

Dr. Murtuza Nuruddin, FRCS, FCPS, DCO; Dr. Soma Rani Roy, DCO

  1. Collagen Implantation in Trabeculectomy- Is It The Better Option?

Dr. Shams Mohammed Noman, FCPS, DCO; Dr. Tanima Roy, FCPS, DCO

  1. Establishing "Retinoblastoma Center" at CEITC- A New Hope for Retinoblastoma Patients

Dr. Soma Rani Roy, DCO, Dr. Murtuza Nuruddin, FRCS, FCPS, DCO; Prof. Dr. Munirujzaman Osmani, MSc,DCO

  1. Role of Physician Intercommunication on Diabetic Retinopathy Care

Dr. Jasmin Ahmad, FCPS, DO

  1. A View of Ocular Health Status Among The Street Children in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Prof. Dr. Munirujzaman Osmani, MSc, DCO, Rahnoma Tarannom, B.Optom; Jannatun Noor

  1. Outcome of Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) on Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) in Patients with Previously Done Trabeculectomy in a Tertiary Eye Care Center in Bangladesh.

Dr. Tanima Roy, FCPS, DCO, Dr. Shams Mohammed Noman, FCPS, DCO

Case Report:

  1. Dried Scleral Patch Graft- A Temporary Measure of Corneal Perforation and Subsequent Keratoplasty

Dr. Sujit Kumar Biswas, DCO. Dr. A.S.M. Mahbubul Alam, DCO; Dr. Tanjila Ahmed Ria, DCO

  1. Melanocytoma of The Optic Nerve Head: A Case Report

Dr. Umme Salma Akbar, DCO; Dr. Soma Rani Roy, DCO

  1. Bardet-Biedl Syndrome- A Case Report

Dr. Nasimul Gani Chowdhury, FCPS, DCO, Dr. Marazul Islam Bhuiyan, DCO; Dr. Farhadul Alam, DCO

  1. A Case Report of Hypertensive Retinopathy

Dr. Mohammad Aminur Rahman, DCO, Dr. Jasmin Ahmad, FCPS, DO

  1. Progressive Cone Dystrophy -A Case Report

Dr. Jasmin Ahmad, FCPS, DO; Dr. Umme Salma Akbar, DCO

  1. Bilateral Angle – Closure Glaucoma with Microspherophakia- A Case Report

Dr. Shams Mohammad Noman, FCPS, DCO; Dr. Nahid Sultana, MBBS recognized training apr

  1. Ischemic Retinopathy in SLE – A Case Report

Dr. Shaila Sharmin, FCPS, DCO; Dr Jasmin Ahmad, FCPS, DO

  1. Optic Neuritis Presented As The Only Manifestation of Neurosyphilis: A Case Report Dr. Tanima Roy, FCPS, DCO

Ongoing Research Studies / Activities:

Sl. No. Study Proposals
1. Ocular Health Status of ‘Rohingya’ forced migrants considerably Children (0-6 years) at Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong.
2. Ocular status & Barriers to uptake Eye Care service among the Children of Tea garden worker in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
3. Ocular health status among the malnourished children affected by measles in Sitakunda, Chittagong.
4. Ocular Health Status of ‘Rohingya’ refugees’ considerably juvenile children (7-12 years) at Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong.
5. Causes, associated factors, prevalence, clinical status of diabetic patient (Type 1) & barrier to uptake of diabetic related services at Chittagong District
6. Prevalence of myopia and other ocular condition among secondary school students at urban and rural areas in Chittagong.

Academic Highlights