CEITC and ICO Journal:

In 2019, a significant number of research studies have been conducted at the “Dr. Ahmadur Rahman Research Centre” in CEITC. The following articles and case reports were published in the 14th issue of the journal of ICO and CEITC (Ophthalmic Horizon” (ISSN 2075-8138) 2019.

Original Articles

a) A Newer Technique of Ocular Surface Reconstruction in Unilateral Lime Burn. Dr. Sujit Kumar Biswas, Dr. A.S.M. Mahbubul Alam, Dr. Soma Rani Roy, Dr. Tanjila Ahmed Ria, Dr. Abdul Matin Bhuyn.

b) Pattern of presentation, management outcome of lens induced glaucoma at a tertiary eye care centre. Umme Salma Akbar, Dr. Shams Mohammed Noman, Dr. Rajib Husain, Dr. Mohammed Quamrul Islam.

c) Ocular Health Status of Severely Visual Impaired Students of Different Educational Institution (College, University) and Assessment of their Socio-educational Potentiality.

Urmi Atika Islam, Prof. Dr. Munirujzaman Osmani, Rahnoma Tarannom.

d) Management of Centurian Syndrome: an unexplained cause of epiphoria. Dr. Murtuza Nuruddin, Dr. Soma Rani Roy, Dr. Fahmida Hoque.

e) Clinico-epidemiological evaluation of diabetic retinopathy patients attending in a tertiary eye care centre. Shaila Sharmin, Dr. Jasmin Ahmad.

f) Etiology and Ocular manifestations in children associated with Cerebral Palsy. Jannatun Noor, Urmi Atika Islam, Dr.Farzana Akter Chowdhury, Dr. Nasimul Gani Chowdhury.

Case Report

  1. a) Hurler syndrome —-a case report. Umme Salma Akbar, Dr. Shams Mohammed Noman.
  2. b) Millard- Gubler Syndrome:A Case Report. Dr. Tanima Ro, Dr. Mumu Das.
  3. c) Foster Kennedy syndrome: A case report. Dr. Tanima Roy, Dr. Fatema Begum.

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